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/On the eve of 2018, the Chilean philosopher Dario Salas Sommer addressed the leaders of two great countries: The United States and Russia, with a call
to reach a mutual agreement for the sake of all humanity./

Read the letter and complete publication (Spanish Only; 12/31/2017)

Morals for the 21st Century

This book demystifies the process of spiritual development and the path to happiness and success. Cosmic Currency has to do with units of energy and power accessible to everyone, and through which all material goods and spiritual development are acquired. Through practical examples, disciplines and exercises, the author reveals how this energy can be generated, conserved and spent in the most efficient manner to improve every aspect of life, be it spiritual, financial, interpersonal, or professional.  He also points out the physical, psychological, and spiritual pitfalls through which we uselessly squander this single most valuable commodity on earth.

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