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Internal Sports

Discipline keeps our goals alive.

The Discipline Internal Sport is about the personal decision and commitment to achieve a certain goal.

Discipline is absolutely necessary for overcoming the daily obstacles we face. Without discipline, attention deviates, objectives get lost or distorted, enthusiasm disappears, and one becomes weak, giving up on the path we originally decided to go on.

If you have discipline our objectives remain alive, and mark the path to follow; enthusiasm is maintained and reinforced by the advancements and achievements received along the way.

The greater the objective, the more energy, discipline, enthusiasm and decisive action required.

Conscious discipline creates hierarchy of values that orders our life according to the importance of our goals. Removing all
that is unnecessary and not aligned with what we want. More importantly it subordinates capricious and whimsical passions
that we identify with everyday.

As a person strengthens their self-discipline consciously they become an active force in their own life. With discipline you

  • Accumulate energy.
  • Boost your capacity to do things.
  • Increase your self-esteem.
  • Generate personal satisfaction due to the goals you have obtained through your own effort.
  • Increase your capacity to think of and create your personal projects.
  • Consistently create the possibility of attaining success in all your purposes.

Practice: Immobility Exercise

Objective: To exert self-mastery over your body.

Position: Site back in a chair, straight with your chin up.

Become completely immobile. Slowly reduce and stop all slight movements such as muscular convulsions, eyelid tremors,
little muscle twitches of the face you must remain as still as a statue for a minimum of three minutes. Use optimism and will
power to achieve your task.

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