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Thoughts and Self-protection

We can protect ourselves against all circumstances.

Think about how the immune system has to defend itself against the constant attacks that it is subject to.  If you think that killer bacteria, Legionnaire’s Disease and severe colds are bad, it may surprise you to realize that medical and scientific research has concluded that the most fearsome enemy of the organism is not microbes, but rather . . . our everyday thoughts and words.

The brain is constantly working, every day and every hour of the year, it does not shut down for holidays or take vacations or sleep at night.  From the beginning it is the computer that directs the organism, and it regulates practically every one of the functions of the metabolism and its chemical balance.  From the nervous system to sexual activity, passing through thousands of other activities of which the reader generally has no idea, the brain is what is in command, and it is constantly creating, guiding, regulating, balancing and maintaining the organism at every moment of the day.

Science has discovered that when one has a thought the brain produces substances that open what could be called a window.  When the thought is finished, the window closes.

For example, when you see the person of your dreams and you feel love, this incredible sensation that flows through your body is nothing other than a chemical substance.  When you become sexually excited it is because the body has released another chemical substance, and when some jerk cuts you off when you’re driving, and you, dear reader, would like to have a laser gun in the glove compartment to disintegrate him, this anger that you feel, this corrosive acid that appears in the circulatory system or the stomach, this sensation, is another substance isolated by the brain.

Biologists have for years been carrying out research in this field.  What we know at this point is that when one has a thought, the brain produces substances that affect the person, and what he feels is the production and assimilation of these neuropeptides.

In the last decade medical science made a transcendental discovery that went practically unnoticed.  It was already known that the cells of the immune system, like all other cells, have delivery points within their membranes for the assimilation of various substances.

What was discovered was that the membrane of each of the white blood cells that defend the body against bacteria, viruses, funguses and cancer—in fact, against all illnesses—has a particular delivery point that receives neuropeptides.

This is what medical science has confirmed:  that the cells that defend the organism against illness have particular receptors for neuropeptides, the substances that the brain produces with each thought.

That is, the immune system not only listens, but it reacts to the emotional dialogue, through these substances that are produced by the brain.

The response of these cells to disease-carrying germs varies depending on whether the cells are strengthened, or weakened, or cease to function altogether as a result of these substances.

What we now know is that our immune system’s response really does depend on our thoughts!

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