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Internal Sports Willpower is key to the understanding of self mastery.

Itʼs easy to do the things you like or want to do. Whatʼs not so easy is to do things you donʼt like, or want to do, even though you know you must do them. Will power is using your energy to to do that which you find inconvenient or difficult, in order to achieve desired results.

Real willpower leads to the practice of self mastery and permits one to achieve real maturity and to advance assuredly along the path of success.

  • Have you successfully decided to stop smoking?
  • Are you committed to learning a new language, by practicing everyday
  • Are you able to give up foods that are not good for you?
  • Do you go to the gym regularly?
  • Can you get up when you decide to do so regardless of whether you need to get to work or not?
  • Do you always complete what you have proposed?
  • Can you do without watching TV?

Willpower and enthusiasm are closely related since if one is able to be enthusiastic about something, one is close to owning
willpower. In fact, willpower is “contained enthusiasm that is sustained by reason and consciousness.”

Practice: Do You Have Willpower? Prove it!

  • Do not linger, or press the snooze button, when waking up in the morning. Jump out of bed and get your day started
  • Donʼt eat between meals.
  • Limit the time you spend in front of the TV.
  • When you talk by phone, talk only about what is absolutely necessary.
  • Be especially kind to people you donʼt like.
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