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Why become a member?

A web page cannot do justice to what a School of Life really offers in the way of "quality of life," especially in today's world where we are so used to learning and memorizing subjects that usually have to do mainly with our career, and have so little to do with the art of living.

We invite you to take a look and practice what is recommended in some of the sections of this site, for example: the section on Hermetic Philosophy, HypsoConsciousness, Moral Physics and Internal Sports; so that you may objectively discover the real value of what Operative Philosophy can offer you, based on your internal experience and on the light these pages were able to reveal to you regarding the science of living.

The Institute has several different levels of study, work, and learning. Upon joining, a member can participate in workshops and groups where he or she will learn practical techniques for personal development. Also, new members may attend the conferences given by Dario Salas Sommer, (a.k.a. John Baines) on how to apply Operative Philosophy in everyday life. New members also have access to the facilities of IHP such as libraries and organized outdoor activities in order to be in direct contact with Nature. It is important to remember that a profound comprehension of Hermetic principles cannot be attained in a conventional classroom or a workshop, and that it needs to be experienced within the different circumstances of everyday life.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

The following are some of the benefits that can be obtained through the practice of Operative Philosophy:

  • Being able to understand yourself.
  • A state of higher consciousness.
  • The ability to identify and correct your defects.
  • To learn from life and to be able to avoid making the same mistakes.
  • Solve childhood complexes and unresolved psychological traumas.
  • Increase in confidence and personal strength, determination, willpower and creativity.
  • The ability to detect obstacles that hinder the attainment of personal goals.
  • Techniques to overcome depression, confusion, and fear.
  • Good health, vitality, and high levels of energy.
  • Resistance to stress, tiredness, diseases, by being able to connect to and maintain a state of relaxation and alertness.
  • Positive handling of the emotions.
  • Improved communication with others.
  • A better relationship with people of the opposite sex.
  • A positive attitude directed towards attaining success in all areas of life.
  • Techniques to identify and develop your latent potential that you do not use.
  • The ability to attend free monthly seminars.
Who Can Become a Member of the Institute?

The Institute for Hermetic Philosophy welcomes all men and women who have a genuine interest in improving themselves. Due to the unique nature of our organization, we recommend that those who are interested in joining should become familiar with our basic ideas. To do this, we recommend reading the following sections on our website: Hermetic Philosophy, HypsoConsciousness, Moral Physiscs, Internal Sports, or attend an introductory IHP seminar.

How to Register

If you wish to meet with a representative of the Institute or receive information on our correspondence course which also teach the basics of Operative Philosophy, simply contact us.

You can also get in touch directly with any of the branches of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy:

United States
New York
Institute for Hermetic Philosophy
60 West 39th Street - 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Phone: (+1 866) 452 3965
Buenos Aires
Fundación Instituto Filosófico Hermético
Zapiola 638 - (1426) Capital Federal
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Tel. / Fax: (+54 11) 4552 0610 / (+54 11) 4551 5702

      Tel. +359 885206222
Santiago (Sede central internacional)
Instituto Filosófico Hermético
Onofre Jarpa 9900 - La Reina
Casilla 117-12, La Reina
Tel. / Fax: (+56 2) 275 2800 / (+56 2) 275 2799
Instituto Filosófico Hermético
Víctor Lamas Nº 455 - Dpto. 101
Tel. / Fax: (+56 41) 225 3335
Instituto Filosófico Hermético
Lautaro 555
Tel. / Fax: (+56 45) 480 993
Instituto Filosófico Hermético
Carrera 21 N° 122 - 52 Bogotá
Tel.: (+57 1) 8 06 66 18 / (+57) 310 324 9768
Instituto Filosófico Hermético
c/ Antracita, 7 Piso 3 Local 14
28045 Madrid
Tel. / Fax: (+34 91) 530 4309 / (+34 91) 530 4309
Instituto Filosófico Hermético
Passatge de Flaugier 46 Bajos
08041 Barcelona
Tel.: +(34 93) 268 4172
Instituto Filosófico Hermético
c/ Río Mandeo, nº 36-38 
27004 Lugo
Tel.: (+34) 631 679 307
Instituto Filosófico Hermético
c/ Los Hidalgos, 17
37005 Salamanca
Tel.: (+34 92) 326 6261

      Accademia Darío Salas
      C.P. 41 - 31020
      Lancenigo (Treviso)
      r. Москва
      Академия изучения моральной физики Дарио Саласа
      г. Москва ул. Пречистенка, д. 17/9, офис 34
      119034, г. Москва, а/я 549, АДС
      Teл. / Факс: (+7 495) 637 1136

Instituto Filosófico Hermético
Av. Francisco de Miranda - Torre Provincial A Piso 15 - Chacao Caracas 1070-A
Tel. / Fax: (+58 212) 264 1666, (+58 212) 265 5254 / (+58 212) 265 2927

     Vila Real (Trás-Os-Montes)
     Instituto Filosófico Hermético
     Vila Real (Trás-Os-Montes)
     Tel.: (+351) 934907729

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