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Internal SportsA positive attitude helps us face problems without losing sight of the opportunities they may offer.

Optimism and pessimism are opposing views which condition expectation and life experience positively, or negatively.

Life offers us the possibility to experience either more positively or more negatively depending on our mental polarization. Though a situation may be negative for you, by maintaining a positive attitude, focusing on what you can do, and being grateful for what you have; the corresponding causes and effects will surmount so that an opportunity to raise ones to a positive plane will exist.

A positive attitude permits us to live with our problems without losing sight of the opportunities they represent, to activate our personal capacities and resources, whereas the negative attitude fills us with worry and concern that sometimes leads us to
anguish despair and mental blocks us, which prevent us from our agenda.

A positive person has a greater possibility of thoroughly using ones own personal power for success, as they know they can
trust and believe in themselves that all moments, even when circumstances seem to be more unfavorable.
Being positive is an active exercise that requires daily self-observation and discipline in order to modify our negative
internal, or external language and incorporate constructive habits consciously.

Positive people:

  • Understand that life is a school and that from every experience you can extract a useful lesson.
  • Do not expect life to make changes for them, instead they create them themselves.
  • Generate the changes they need by polarizing themselves on the achievement they want without internal contradictions.
  • Understand that conscious self-discipline is of utmost importance in life.
  • Know that it is useless to complain and that complaining has its consequences.
  • Recognize their mistakes and failures, learn from them to increase their efficiency.
  • Cultivates a healthy sense of humor; knowing how to laugh at them selves, even though they take life seriously.
  • Close their ears to collective pessimism.
  • Fulfill all of their civic commitments, help other people and happily give what is appropriate.
  • Influence their surroundings contributing to maintain harmony, happiness and hope in any situation.

Working with a positive attitude means making a concrete effort to:

  • Finding the positive side of things.
  • Not giving in to negative thoughts.

Practice: Self-Observation

  • When in a negative state observe your thoughts. What words, ideas, images, songs etc… Keep getting repeated in your head. How does this affect you? Is whatʼs being repeated in your head true? What would happen if you thought the opposite?
  • Observe your body posture as it reflects the content of your thoughts and emotions.
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