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Cosmic Currency: The Greatest Wea...

"This book demystifies the process of spiritual development and the path to happiness and success. Cosmic Currency has to do with units of energy and power accessible to everyone, and through which all material goods and spiritual development are acquired.".

Morals for the 21st Century

"Genuine morals are guidelines for being in harmony with the Universe and Nature. Thus, those who meticulously observe these guidelines, will always be successful - in the broadest meaning of the word - which is the highest achievement within evolution that the human being can aspire to.".

Does Woman Exist?

"More than anything, a woman needs to become the "mother of herself", focusing her maternal capacity towards her own person, place herself under her own care, and verse herself in the art of femininity.".

The Stellar Man

"We must understand that real evolution is not something that can be improvised at all, and that no one in the Universe can achieve it without first going through a process of self-realization that is slow, difficult, and needs to be sustained over time.".

The Science of Love

"In this book, the author invites us to ponder and practice what he calls “the Science of Love,” understanding it as a way to find true love by practicing truthfulness toward oneself and toward others.".


"Techniques for achieving personal success. Through the practice of various types of exercises called HypsoConsciousness, the individual can strive to raise his or her level of consciousness, in order to attain self-dominion, balance, stability, tranquility, and a higher intellectual state.".

The Secret Science

"Whoever is able to gain dominion over oneself, transforms and sublimates all of his or her animal nature to give birth to the Superior ‘I.’ When the Superior ‘I’ has really been crowned as king of the microcosm – that is the body – the individual can attain the power to achieve certain things that are not within the reach of the person who has not found him or herself.".

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