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The books in this collection explain Operative Philosophy clearly and concretely.

The John Baines Collection (John Baines is the pseudonym for Dario Salas Sommer) is a series of books that offers a practical approach to human life. These books impart techniques for self-enrichment and provide a new and sometimes radical perspective on topics such as life, love, relationships, success, and morality. These techniques help us to develop our inner world, regain our psychological balance and offer hope for individual human potential.

The John Baines Collection was written for the reader with an inquisitive mind who seeks to understand more about the mysteries of life based on scientific foundation. Dr. Salas wrote each book as a call to the essential nature of humanity, with the purpose of awakening knowledge of ancient truths and encouraging us all in our struggle to understand ourselves more deeply, despite very little support from the world around us.

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