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The Seven Principles

The Seven Principles - Cause and effect"Every cause has an effect, every effect has a cause; everything happens according to the law. Chance is nothing more than the name that is given to an unknown law; there are many planes of causation, yet none escape this law."


Everything in the Universe has a specific cause; there is no cause without an effect, nor is there an effect without a cause; the magnitude of an effect is equivalent in importance to the cause that created it.

This principle acts especially on the planes of energy: matter, mind and Spirit. There is no such thing as chance, luck or random events. We only use these terms when we cannot identify the cause.

People usually only know the effects of something. The Hermeticist strives to understand the cause.

The Principle of Cause and Effect enables us to comprehend the relationship between events that happen to an individual and the actions of his or her past from this life or another. In this sense, the word “karma” refers to a cause where the effect – which is either positive or negative has not yet manifested.

This principle permits a rational explanation for the apparent injustices in the world when we observe the effects of causes we cannot understand.

When we comprehend this principle, we also understand that what happens in our life – whether favorable or unfavorable – has to do with the causes we ourselves have put into motion at some point – whether consciously or unconsciously – and that it makes no sense to blame God, other people or bad luck, because we carve out rewards or punishment for ourselves. it doesn't matter whether or not we remember the moment we did something at a time in our life, but the Law of Cause and Effect is always acting and will inevitably catch up to us.

In a similar way, profound comprehension of this law permits us to find the solution to many of the problems in our life. By understanding its importance, we can consciously generate favorable causes in order to be deserving of receiving favorable effects.

Exercise 1:

Find the Causes to the Problems that Beset You Today:

  • Select the problems that you wish to analyze under the microscope of this principle, one by one.
  • Do not hide behind apparent guilt, or blaming circumstances or other people.
  • In all honesty, discover the moment where you could have acted differently or better than you had.
  • Discover the way that you contributed to make things the way they are, however they are.
  • Write down the lesson that life has taught you.

Exercise 2:

Consciously Generate Positive Causes:

  • One by one, select the problems you wish to solve in a positive way.
  • Don’t focus on what other people must do for you to solve these problems.
  • Decide on the best way for you to act with regards to your attitude, thoughts and emotions, and, with regards to the actions you should take because they are worthwhile for you.
  • Assume a proactive attitude and start to walk consciously towards what you have decided, bearing in mind that what you are doing is creating a different and positive situation.
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