The Teachings / Correspondence Course

For over two decades the Teachings received thru the IHP Correspondence Course have touched the lives of hundreds of people in the United States and other countries.

This transcendental course is dedicated to the self-betterment and success of individuals desiring a clear perspective and guidance in their spiritual growth, who do not live close to the Institute itself. 

The lessons are energetic containers for self-discovery: an in-depth examination of Hermetic principles with instructions for daily exercises and reflections. The monthly lessons are a consistent and compelling source for inspiration, insight, support, self-observation, and self-evaluation, as well as encouragement for members in their efforts to create change in every aspect of their lives.  

Inquiries for further information and application are welcome. The Correspondence Course is available in English, Spanish, Russian and Italian.

You can contact us at:

Institute for Hermetic Philosophy
P.O. Box 8549
FDR Station
New York, NY 10150

or email us to:

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