The Institute / Executive Council

It should be noted that all Executive Council members do volunteer work for the Institute, carrying out their professional activities on a parallel basis.


Darío Salas Sommer

(John Baines)Darío Salas Sommer

Dario Salas Sommer was born in Santiago, Chile, on March 4, 1935, and is the grandson of the 

distinguished Chilean educator, Dario Salas Díaz. He holds a Master Degree in Philosophy and is                 

also an author and filmmaker. He has been named Honorary Scientific Consul for Latin America               

by the Russian Academy of Arts and Sciences, and has received the title of Knight of Sciences                  

and Arts by one of the principal Russian scientific organization,the Russian Academy of Natural 



For more than four decades Dr. Salas Sommer has been committed to the progress of humanity 

and the internal development of the human being. He is renowned internationally as an author 

and philosopher.


In 1970, he founded the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy headquartered in Santiago, Chile. The main objective of this non-profit organization is the moral and spiritual perfectioning of the human being, in the highest sense of the word. Dr. Salas Sommer is the director and spiritual guide of the Institute, which has branches in Chile, Spain, United States, Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia, Russia, Bulgaria and Italy.


He is also founder and director of the Latin American Bolivarian Foundation, which promotes cultural and human development in Latin America aimed at achieving a common identity based on moral and spiritual principles of the first order.


He has written several books under the pseudonym of John Baines on Operative PhilosophyTM. To date, his books have been published  in Spanish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, German, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Portuguese and Russian. The collection is comprised of the following titles: The Secret Science, Stellar Man, HypsoConsciousness, The Science of Love, Development of the Inner Word, (not yet publishedIn English), Does Woman Exists?, Morals for the 21st Century, What is a Person Worth? (not yet published in English) and Cosmic Currency. The last four titles bear the author’ real name.


Dr. Salas Sommer lives in Santiago, Chile and currently spends his time giving conferences in various countries and directing the pedagogic activities of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy in its branches worldwide. His time is also dedicated  to independent scientific research in the area of consciousness and natural health.



David Richeson

David works as a Chief Digital Officer at Fenton, a social change communications agency. He has been a member of IHP for over 18 years and is truly grateful for all of the wonderful things that have happened in his life as a result of practicing Hermetic Philosophy. He is an avid runner and fan of theater and film. 


James Reardon

James is an entrepreneur in natural resources. He joined the Institute in 1994 and is thankful for the many rich experiences along the way. Hermetic Philosophy has had a profound impact on his life. He lives in Western Connecticut with his wife and enjoys sports, the outdoors and spending time on the Coast of Maine.



Carol Haggerty-Reardon

Carol has been a student of Hermetic Philosophy since 1995, helping her to enjoy, learn and grow from her daily life as a woman, wife, sister, daughter, friend and professionally in digital and OOH  advertising sales. Carol's work on herself and at IHP helps her to see the challenges in her daily life as opportunities that make her life richer. Life is never dull as a Hermeticist. Carol takes any excuse to be outside, swimming, running, skiing, hiking, just enjoying nature. She lives with her husband in Western, CT. 



Junod Etienne

Junod has been a member of the Institute since 1996. He works in Manhattan as a music producer and composer for television and records. He lives in Rockland, New York with his wife and young daughter. Junod enjoys running, hiking, and spending time with his family.


David Owens

Through his work at IHP, David has been able to process the many profound experiences and realizations that have helped in his ultimate goal of becoming a better man. He is grateful that he is able to radiate the teachings through his profession as a personal trainer, health counselor, Corporate Wellness coach and GYROTONIC® Instructor. David has had the good fortune of living in every borough of New York City for 4 years or more. Ask him which is his favorite borough.
He started as a correspondence member in 1996 becoming a full member in 1997. This is his second time on the Executive Council.


Teresa del Peral

After many years traveling and living in different parts of Europe and the Americas, about 30 years ago Teresa moved to New York City where she currently resides and where she worked at the Consulate of Spain located there for much of that time. Teresa is very clear on the fact that entering the School changed the course of her life forever; helping her to put aside, without too much effort, the patterns, behaviors and social life that never made her feel very happy. Being presently retired, Teresa now looks back at her life with generosity and joy, accepting the many experiences that have enriched her internally and that have allowed her to look at herself from a more truthful reality.

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