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Concept to prove: The Attention.
Name of The Experiment: IHP-007_ Differences.
Average Test Time: 3 minutes.
Level of Difficulty: Low.
Applicability:  Sitting in front of the computer.


Interactive Experiment

Let's see how your attention works.

Step 1:

Try to find the pattern that is different in the following figure

Patrón A

Easy. Right?

Step 2:

Now find the pattern that is different in the next figure:

Patrón B


But not as easy as the first one. It probably took you more time.

Step 3:

Try it one more time, this time only look at the black bars.

Patrón B

Much easier once again.


You simply told your brain “what to focus its attention on.” This proves that our ATTENTION shapes our experiences, in the sense that it permits us to see some things and hides other things from us.

But, who decides what to focus our attention on?

Csikszentmihalyi says: "Our attention is normally directed by genetic instructions, social conventions, and habits we learned in childhood. As a consequence, most of the things we experience have been programmed for us. Throughout the years, our experience will follow the script that is written in our biology and culture. The only way of recovering the control of our life is to learn to direct our psychic attention or energy to the present."

You can only perceive what your ATTENTION permits you to see or perceive. The rest will go by you, which means that you DO NOT perceive a part of life, or to put it differently, that you live in a fragment of reality.

So, perhaps the solution to your problems is right in front of you, but YOU CANNOT see it simply because your ATTENTION will not permit you to.

Let us decide then what it is we wish to see… Let us decide to go beyond what is apparent, which means being more conscious and more efficient in the use of our ATTENTION.

How many solutions or answers are right in front of our eyes yet we are unable to see them?

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