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Elle Magazine – “Dario Salas Sommer, A Thinker for the World”

Hermetic Philosophy is his world.  This philosophy has to do with the development of a higher consciousness. At 69, this Chilean man’s photograph has been in shop windows of the most unheard of places on this planet. His books are read in countries from Lithuania to Portugal, including Russia, where his success has been astounding.     

By Ana Victoria Esfornos - May 2004 - Chile

His name was a secret for years. His desire to remain anonymous led him to write under the pseudonym of John Baines, in silent homage to a little known philosopher. Now, this Chilean thinker uses his own name on the ideas that he shares, ideas that have brought him recognition beyond measure.

Dario Salas Sommer has sold over 190,000 books among the most diverse groups imaginable. His books have been translated into ten different languages, from Arabic to Korean.  His first book “The Secret Science” (1965) shows the path that leads the individual to true personal development through the conscious management of one’s own existence.

Since then he has concerned himself  mainly  with a specific and practical approach to the development of the whole person ,along with respect for others, and for Nature. The most important scientific, political and cultural academies of Russia have adopted his book “Morals for the 21st Century” as a text for study. The Russian Academy of Security, Defense and Order appointed him a Full Professor and he will soon travel there to lecture.

Elle: How would you define Hermetic Philosophy?

Dario Salas:  There are an endless number of counterfeits, but the real philosophy refers to the development of higher consciousness, through which one can access a total reality rather than a partial one. Hermeticism is the whole part of reality that goes beyond what we can see or know in our normal state of consciousness.

Elle: What is its origin?

Dario Salas: According to the Dictionary of The Royal Academy of Spain, the word Hermetico (hermetic) applies to the writings and followers, through different eras, of certain books of alchemy attributed to Hermes, an Egyptian philosopher who is presumed to have lived in the Twentieth Century B.C.

Elle: How do you explain the acceptance that your thinking has received in such widely varying societies?

Dario Salas:  I think that all people, no matter what culture they belong to, seek to discover their own essence, even if they go down the wrong  paths to do so, but there are some who listen to their  own intuition, which tells them that the answer is to be found in a rational spiritual path.

Elle: Why do you think it is practically unknown in our own country?

Dario Salas: I would say that it is because we have a very high level of functional and cognitive illiteracy, and as a result people look for easy answers for everything, which means they prefer reading fiction in order to avoid facing reality.

Elle: What subjects concern you today?

Dario Salas: Mainly, scientific research into consciousness and quantum medicine.

Elle: How do you see our country currently? Where should we be headed?

Dario Salas: I believe that our country could become a great power if we Chileans could manage to overcome hypocrisy, envy, resentment and cognitive underdevelopment.

Elle: One of your books is called “Does Woman Exist?” What is this book about?

Dario Salas:  The title is based on establishing a difference between being a female and being feminine. Femininity represents a more advanced state of consciousness, that is, a higher state of womanhood with access to an infinite range of possibilities not available to the female, who is boxed into a maternal role by men.  A feminine woman is able to achieve inner coherence, allowing her to overcome emotional conflicts, free herself from nameless anxieties and triumph over the fear of loneliness and old age.

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