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Internal Sports

Create Your Own Energy

Internal Sports

If we want to achieve extraordinary things, our ordinary energy will not suffice.

The creation and conservation of energy are of utmost importance for a healthy and successful life.

Each day we make and spend energy. If we did not replace the energy we spend, we feel drained and have little strength to face the challenges of each day.

If we want to achieve extraordinary things, we have to accumulate and maintain extraordinary levels of energy.

Internal development, by societal standards has been for the common man. Those who wish to be extraordinary men and woman must become energy hunters and energy “conservationsist” only using and knowing how to use it for higher purposes.

Avoid Energy Depletion: understand what causes us to loose energy.

  • Lack of emotional control, such as: anger, rage, fear, anguish, euphoria and depression.
  • Uncontrolled imagination: negative thoughts, letting the imagination wander with fantasies, fears or anticipating negative events.
  • Disorder: at home, at work, with your finances, with your food - eating too much or not enough, eating inadequately, unhealthily, too fast, in stressful environments.
  • Verbal diarrhea. Speaking when one should be silent
  • Uncontrolled sleep patterns: sleeping too little or too much.

Practice: Morning Breathing Exercises (To create energy)


To raise the mental tone, raise the level of consciousness, accumulate energy for the whole day and produce a psychic
state that is harmonious and balanced.


Standing with eyes closed, heels together (feet in the form of a V), toes separated, back straight and chin up.

  • 1st Stage: Arms hung down and straight, join the palm of your hands in front of you, fingertips touching.
  • 2nd Stage: Breath in, fill your stomach until it pushes outward. Gradually raise both arms ( fingertips still touching), until your arms reach the height of your chin.
  • 3rd Stage: Open your arms, width wide, to the side of your body, by that time your lungs should be full of air. Arms should be outreached as if on a cross.
  • 4th Stage: Start to exhale, slowly lowering your arms at the same pace, until the palms of your hands reach the side of your legs. By this time your lungs should be empty.
  • 5th Stage: Make a pause, and repeat the exercise all over again.
  • The steps to the exercise should be done in one continuous motion.

Minimum time: 10 minutes.

See More Breathing Exercises of HypsoConsciousness.

1ª etapa: Con los brazos estirados y rígidos juntar las palmas de las manos por delante a la altura del estómago. Las yemas de los dedos deben tocarse
2ª etapa: comenzar a inspirar haciendo presión suavemente con el estómago hacia fuera, y levantando gradualmente ambos brazos a medida que se inspira, hasta que los pulmones lleguen a la altura de la barbilla
3ª etapa: se continúa el movimiento abriendo los brazos hacia los lados hasta llevarlos bien atrás, momento en el cual deben haberse llenado los pulmones
4ª etapa: comienza al iniciar la exhalación, momento en el cual se aflojan brazos y manos y se bajan suavemente a medida que se va exhalando, hasta que las palmas de las manos llegan a tocar los costados de las piernas, posición en la cual deben haberse vaciado completamente los pulmones
5ª etapa: pausa de descanso antes de repetir el ejercicio completo.
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