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Neutralization of Entropy, Creating Negentropy

Internal Sports

In Hermetic philosophy Entropy is defined as “ the tendency for objects to fall into disorder.” We also say that is the law of that which is probable, or the path of least resistance. Opposite to entropy we term the law of doing that which is not probable, or constructive ”Negentropy.”

Disorder is created without difficulty, as it is the probable path.

We are subject to the laws of Nature. Everything in life has a “natural” tendency towards disorder, (Law of Entropy.)

Disorder can be created easily, it is the path of that which is probable; it is what happens when you “let things go.” However, order cannot be created all by itself; you have to create it with purpose, effort and consciousness.

For example, old age is a process that is probable and inevitable, yet its advance can be slowed through biological and psychological “order” by actively taking care of our health and by being flexible.

It is more likely that you will let yourself be lead by your cultural and social mandates than to be creative and self-learnt, it is more likely and more comfortable to let yourself be lead by “the way you are” than to polish your character and follow a path that leads to personal and spiritual development.

The law of entropy makes us feel like prisoners of fate. Conscious effort to keep our own internal order leads us to feel freer. How Can We Neutralize Entropy? Using the other exercises you should

  • Keep your surroundings in order: in your home, your office, your desk, your documents, your finances. 
  • Keep to the plan you made, without becoming rigid. 
  • Take care of your interpersonal relationships so that they will be fluid and harmonious: partner, family, friends and professional relations. 
  • Maintain internal order; avoid becoming emotionally scattered, internal contradictions, mental confusion, and indecision, routine. 
  • Change your usual habits of behavior (habits are what is probable). 

Practice: Keeping Order in Your Surroundings

  • Every day make an effort to put order in some spot of your surrounding: your desk at work, or a closet in your house, a shelf, your room, your documents. 
  • Observe the effect this has on your life: your mood, level of energy, and attitude towards everyday event.
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