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The Seven Principles

The Seven Principles - Gender"Gender is within everything; everything has its masculine and its feminine principles; gender manifests on all planes."


Gender is the impulse of life, which cannot originate or be maintained without the presence of both the positive and the negative pole.

The ever-changing Universe fluctuates between cycles of transformation and creation. At a physical level, for example, the force of attraction makes the electrons, (negative) spin around the protons (positive). In animals and human beings, this ritual of life is repeated: the ovum attracts spermatozoids and when one of them is able to penetrate it, the miracle of conception occurs.

When the problems of life, represented by the negative pole, are inseminated by a positive and generating energy, we can achieve what we desire. Spiritual progress can also be seen from this perspective. We can create consciousness when inertia and willpower collide under the direction of an awakened mind.

This principle shows us how masculine and feminine principles are always in action within Nature. On every one of its planes, feminine energy seeks to unite with masculine energy, and absorb from it everything that is active, thus producing a new force. The masculine force is the generator and the feminine one is the conceiver.

Gender manifests on all planes. This means that this principle acts at a physical level, as well as on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. This principle is responsible for constantly generating new elements in our life.

Exercise No. 1:

Review Your Projects With Your Partner:

  • Think back to those projects that you faced together with your partner and the process that you both underwent until you achieved success or failure.
  • Review, in each case, the degree of harmony that existed between the two of you. Check and see in each of these projects to what extent the objective interested both of you, or did it interest only one of you?
  • Was it relevant for both of you or only one of you? Was the other person left out completely, or simply asked to conform to the decision already taken? Did you reach a consensus on all decisions or were the decisions taken unilaterally?
  • Were the advancements, successes, the progress, and difficulties shared equally or were they experienced by only one of you?
  • This analysis will surely provide you with some interesting conclusions about the Principle of Gender.

Exercise No. 2

Generating a Concrete Change in Yourself:

  • Choose a quality that you wish to develop in yourself: e.g. order, sincerity, kindness, trust.
  • The negative pole represents your usual behavior, which, in this case, is everything that is opposite to the quality you wish to incorporate.
  • Put positive energy into motion to generate the change.
    • Try to find out how your usual behavior moves you away from the quality you want to incorporate.
    • Define the type of attitude and behavior that is more in accordance with the quality you wish to incorporate.
    • Observe people who have the quality you wish to develop.
    • Use your willpower to impose the change on yourself.
    • Keep the objective in mind; keep motivated and strive for self-betterment.
  • Throughout the process, observe what happens to you both internally, that is, your level of alertness, self-esteem, attitude towards yourself and others, and externally, that is, the effort needed to maintain the change and the consequences in your daily life.
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