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Hermetic Philosophy

Why Is It Called Hermeticism?

The essence of Hermeticism is that it must be learnt, studied and practiced in a high or at least more elevated level of vigilance, (See HypsoConsciousness.) This means that our learning organ must be acceptably tuned and "in shape."

Perhaps this is why historically it has been thought that Hermeticism was something “closed” or “impenetrable” which in a sense it is, for if our level of vigilance is extremely low, and if our perception of reality is practically non-existent or if the organ we use to comprehend something in depth has not been exercised enough then it is “closed.”

On the other hand Hermeticism is a transparent, simple and open science for any student with a normal level of mental health, common sense, criteria and who is unprejudiced.

In fact, one of the objectives of Hermeticism is to overcome the mental limitations that are so common to our imperfect human condition, to broaden the level of consciousness so that this will permit us to unveil the codes to the deepest realities of our lives.

Everything that we are not able to comprehend is truly occult to us, hermetic, closed. Even when it is a reality that is staring us in the face. What we ignore is much greater than what we know.  Hermeticism is “learnt” from the real inner being of each person and not simply with the intellect, this is the reason why our inner being has to be somewhat cultivated in order to be able to comprehend.

It is important to note that it is through the practice of this Teaching that we will decide whether Hermeticism works or not. This decision will be based on concrete results.

The word "Hermeticism," pays homage to the Egyptian philosopher Hermes Trismegistus (XX BC,) whose Teachings inspired Dario Salas Sommer to create Operative Philosophy. He was the first philosopher we know who established a philosophy that is real and not simply rhetorical or to "be studied," or a simply intellectual theory. It is a practical thought system to be put into practice in our own lives, to improve our reality, to achieve inner peace, and satisfaction with oneself, as well as material and spiritual success.

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