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Hermetic Philosophy

Imagine a street without traffic signs or road laws? Could you imagine the chaos and confusion that would result for drivers and pedestrians?

Or imagine a world where good luck strikes unexpectedly, like lighting, and bad luck knocks the most stable of men off their pedestal in a single swoop. These occurrences could seem random and without conscience. Their effects life changing; however, this imaginary world, by many seems to be “real” life. Random.

Hermetic Philosophy

Like the road sign, life actually gives us directions. It is our job to be aware of those directions - as the wrong turn down a One-Way street could be fatal. Being aware of and understanding the rules allows us to drive making conscious and correct choices. Helping us effectively reach our destinations, promoting happiness in our lives and the safety of others.

Here we would like to introduce to you something called Operative Philosophy™, consider it the driverʼs manual to life. This philosophy – which goes far beyond the typical definition of how philosophy is termed today – was built based on the understanding that there are natural laws governing the universe and in order for one to truly succeed, as a “human being,” and apart of this universe, one must abide by and master its laws. The teaching of Operative Philosophy is the progenitor of authentic Hermetic Philosophy and its archetype Hermes Trismegistus.

The aim is to create true authentic “human beings”, a right that is not inherited, but earned. What does it mean to be an authentic human being as opposed to being just Homo Sapiens?

Being Conscious and in Control of Your Own Internal World and Your Relationship to the Universe and everything
around you.

This is all we strive for. There are multiple levels of being conscious, and continuously evolving to increase this
consciousness is the work/challenge that we undertake here at the Institute of Hermetic Philosophy.

Practically: we aim to understand and overcome our negative and unconscious habits and raising our energy. We focus on
becoming conscious and aware of our negative thinking and taking responsibility for our own actions, as we understand the
laws that govern, and the effects it has on us as individuals and the world.

This philosophy increases our efficiency as human beings, allowing us to cope and excel in daily life. Not flying off the
handle; always maintaining a state of conscious calm.

Operative Philosophy™ can help us grow as human beings and contribute towards the improvement of humanity.
The best way to change the world is to change oneself first.

Dario Salas Sommer

Welcome to Hermeticism!

Why Hermeticism?
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