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Brief history of the IHP in the US

Conference Hall of the New York headquartersThe Institute in New York was born in August, 1983, under the name “Dario Salas Institute for Hermetic Science, Inc.” as a non-profit corporation registered in the city and state of New York. Dr. Dario Salas Sommer, founder and creator of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy in Chile, signed the registration in person.

In 1984, a group of students interested in the Teachings met for the very first time. This pioneer group was comprised of all Spanish-speaking members. In 1985, a group of English-speaking students was formed, even though some of them were bilingual. These members accepted to undertake the mighty task of translating all the techniques and workshops – including close to 200 correspondence course lessons – from Spanish into English. As more and more English-speaking members joined the Institute, a translator’s group of about 6 members was formed. Together, they translated all the Teachings (including disciplines and exercises) and the talks that the Founder had recorded. Concurrently, extensive editing was begun on the books in the John Baines Collection, which had been roughly translated years before. Subsequently, the New York branch has published 5 titles in English. The 6th title is due out in 2006.

Between the years 1986 and 1987, as the number of English-speaking students steadily grew, Spanish was phased out, and the Institute officially adopted English as the medium for the work.

Meeting room of the Miami branch officeUntil this point, the Institute had been meeting in the home of the director at that time, a member who had come from the Institute in Chile together with other members, to open the Institute back in 1983. As the group outgrew that space, it became obvious that larger premises were needed, and in 1988, through membership donations, the Institute bought and moved into a building on 107th Street in Harlem. The 25 students who comprised that group, worked weeknights and weekends to renovate the building in its entirety since 8 apartments needed to be rented in order to support the mortgage payments. Over a period of two years, the group worked on the building and listened to talks by the founder, Dario Salas Sommer. During this period, the women also continued to meet for their internal work. In 1992, the Institute bought the adjacent property in a New York City auction and added a lovely garden to their property. In 1999, IHP New York purchased a 120-acre retreat center in the Catskill Mountains to provide its members with a natural setting where they can get away from the fast pace of life, relax, and participate in workshops.

In June 2002, the Institute For Hermetic Philosophy expanded its influence to the city of Miami, the southernmost part of USA. There, a group of 7 members from different parts of the world, decided to open another branch of the IHP, they started in a small office of one of the members. Currently there are 11 members and have recently rented out their own offices where they continue with the expansion of Hermetic Philosophy.

In 2005, the Institute inaugurated new headquarters on West 25th Street in New York City, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. Currently, the finishing touches of the renovation process are in progress. The new location is central and accessible and most assuredly will attract many more students who are in search of the Teachings. And, in order to be in line with other branches worldwide, the Institute, while keeping its name, started to do business as “The Institute for Hermetic Philosophy, New York (IHP).”

Through its lectures, seminars, workshops, and other educational programs, IHP USA has maintained a strong community of active members, as well as a wider group of supporting members and visitors both in the tri-state area and throughout the world.

In order to bring its message to a greater audience, in 1999, IHP began offering monthly public seminars known as The Lighthouse Seminars in midtown Manhattan. The topics of these seminars include themes such as Consciousness in the Workplace, Problem Solving, Love and Relationships. These seminars are now held in the new location on West 25th Street in New York City, between.

Through its various offerings IHP USA hopes to continue to attract individuals throughout the world who are willing to work towards in personal and moral advancement.

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