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Internal Sports

 The internal olympic stadiumInternal Sports™ is the framework for developing the internal qualities the “spiritual athlete” needs to become more aware, focused and successful - both materially and spiritually.

The gym or training field for a professional athlete is equivalent to everyday life for the Hermeticist. Each challenge/workout is a way for the athlete to get stronger; with practice the athlete will improve and attain the goals he or she sets for him/herself.

Facing lifeʼs challenges through the Hermetic work is done through discipline and observation. It can be agreed that a professional football player does not simply wake up one morning with the skills necessary to become a world-class athlete. Dedication to ones crafts is imperative for success. This is no different for the Hermetic student.

We invite you to discover and evaluate in what ways the development of these qualities (below) could help you increase
your spirituality, health, love of life and material manifestation through practice and resolve.

If you decide to put any, or all these, internal workouts to practice, the effects you feel will be your own earned reward and a
great source of motivation to continue.

Challenge Yourself

Internal Sports

Human Impeccability: acting in accordance with the highest standards of ones own ability… responding to the challenges of life in order to reach humanities highest level of development.

In order to grow ones must maintain a continuous positive attitude; of overcoming obstacles, of breaking internal barriers, of rising above difficulties and mediocrity, of broadening the horizon and of ones ability to do things.

Be Positive

Internal SportsA positive attitude helps us face problems without losing sight of the opportunities they may offer.

Optimism and pessimism are opposing views which condition expectation and life experience positively, or negatively.


Internal SportsDiscipline keeps our goals alive.

The Discipline Internal Sport is about the personal decision and commitment to achieve a certain goal.


Internal SportsWillpower is key to the understanding of self mastery.

Itʼs easy to do the things you like or want to do. Whatʼs not so easy is to do things you donʼt like, or want to do, even though you know you must do them. Will power is using your energy to to do that which you find inconvenient or difficult, in order to achieve desired results.

Create Your Own Energy

Internal SportsIf we want to achieve extraordinary things, our ordinary energy will not suffice.

The creation and conservation of energy are of utmost importance for a healthy and successful life.

Neutralization of Entropy, Creating Negentropy

Internal Sports

In Hermetic philosophy Entropy is defined as “ the tendency for objects to fall into disorder.” We also say that is the law of that which is probable, or the path of least resistance. Opposite to entropy we term the law of doing that which is not probable, or constructive ”Negentropy.”

Disorder is created without difficulty, as it is the probable path.

Keeping your Word

Internal Sports

This is the basis being an honorable person: Honoring your own word.

There are many things we can admire in other people but perhaps the best thing we can say about someone is that they “keep their word.”

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