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Third International Seminar on Moral Physics – Quality of Life


With the vibrant nature of southern Chile as its background, the Third International Seminar on Moral Physics, with the theme “Quality of Life”, was held in Puyehue between the 11th and the 17th of August, 2008.  On this occasion, more than 200 people attended, coming from Spain, Italy, the United States, Russia, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.

During the gathering, the participants attended lectures given by Darío Salas and under his direct guidance performed various exercises and practices aimed at generating a higher level of consciousness and thus, progressively, to aspire to reach a better quality of life in all areas of the individual’s activities.

Second International Seminar on Moral Physics or Internal Ecology


The Second International Seminar on Moral Physics, given by the celebrated philosopher and researcher Darío Salas Sommer, took place between August 12th and 19th, 2007, in the presence of a large number of people who traveled from around the world.  The beautiful countryside of southern Chile (Puyehue) was the chosen venue on this occasion.

People came from Spain, Italy, the United States, Russia, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Chile to participate in Dario Salas’s lectures and they had the opportunity to practice under his direct guidance a series of exercises designed to raise progressively their level of consciousness and reach a high level of well-being, wholeness and harmony.

The Elixir for a Long Life


Being Positive and Friendly Makes Us Healther and Happier.

"Good health is the perfect communication among all the organs of the body.  But when the cells stop communicating among themselves it causes cancerous tumors", asserts Darío Salas Sommer.

First International Gathering on Moral Physics


More than 80 people from the United States of America, the Russian Federation, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina participated in the 'First International Gathering on Moral Physics'. The retreat, held in Chile, was organized by the "Salas Sommer Institute" of New York.

Videoconference on Moral Physics


In this three-part video conference of Dario Salas Sommer, interviewed by Andrew Cohen, the concept of Moral Physics is clearly explained, as well as its relationship with  daily actions and the effects resulting from every election, every decision.

Dario Salas also mentions the importance of knowing and respecting the Natural Laws, seeing beyond the apparent contradictions in order to vibrate harmoniously with Nature.  This has a fundamental effect on health, happiness and leads us to experiencing complete success as human beings.

What is Enlightenment? Magazine

“Consciousness Transmission- The Task of a Spiritual Master”
Dario Salas Sommer, in N.Y.
-By Jessica Roemisher

“For many in our culture, the idea of a Master - Disciple relationship seems like something from the past.  In these Post-modern times we have fought to free ourselves from the structure of religion and religious authority.  In these unprecedented times of personal freedom, it would seem difficult to imagine being tied to another person in this type of relationship even within a spiritual path.  This is why it seems strange to find a westerner, who consistently maintains that in order to realize our human potential we must accept that another should guide us, and thus enter into a classical student/teacher relationship…”

Read this interview (see more).

Bulgarian Magazine "1"

Bulgarian Magazine “1”
By Iva Roudnikova - 2003 (published in Bulgarian Magazine "1)

In The Science of Love, John Baines reveals love as a Universal force only accessible to mankind through raising our level of consciousness. He uncovers common patterns of behavior we may call love, but are really just self serving habits.

TV Interview


Chilean TV Channel Chilevision – with Fernando Paulsen

Dr. Salas Sommer was interviewed on a program called “Last Look,” on Chilevision, in Chile, by the journalist Fernando Paulsen.  Here you can find the transcript and the video of this interview.

Capital Magazine – The Hermetic Phenomena


Dr. Salas Sommer, a Chilean, better known as John Baines, is a “best selling” author.  His books are a sensation in far away and remote countries.

In his books, he states that we are asleep, that we are the slaves of our brains which are controlled by animal impulses.

But, thankfully, he also states that if we work hard enough, we will be able to attain the highest peak of evolution.

Thank goodness for that!

Radio Interviews


Dr. Salas Sommer has been interviewed on various prominent radio shows throughout Chile.
Among these, the following are worth mentioning:

  • radio Duna
  • radio USACH
  • radio  Santiago
  • radio Futuro
Column in La Tercera Newspaper - Stress, Anguish and Alzheimer

Column in La Tercera Newspaper - Stress, Anguish and Alzheimers
By Darío Salas Sommer - December 2003 - Chile

The end of the year is a time for balance. But it’s also a time of weariness of body and mind, built up over the course of a year of work and a month of worries over matters such as Christmas gifts, organization of parties, and children moving on to another year in school.

Elle Magazine – "Dario Salas Sommer, A Thinker for the World"


By Ana Victoria Esfornos - May 2004 - Chile

Hermetic Philosophy is his world.  This philosophy has to do with the development of a higher consciousness. At 69, this Chilean man’s photograph has been in shop windows of the most unheard of places on this planet. His books are read in countries from Lithuania to Portugal, including Russia, where his success has been astounding.

Radio Coverage


Dario Salas Sommer’s books as well as his Operative Philosophy are constantly talked about on the radio.

Listen to some of what has been said on Radio Beethoven in Santiago, Chile.

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