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This is the basis being an honorable person: Honoring your own word.

There are many things we can admire in other people but perhaps the best thing we can say about someone is that they “keep their word.”

When we keep our word the respect we command from others increases exponentially, we also increase the respect we have for ourselves.

When trying to keep ones word, after it has been given, we may have to fight with internal or external events or situations that will try to dissuade one from keeping what we say as true.

The reward for our accomplished efforts can be seen immediately, it makes us reliable and trustworthy and it leads us down a path of positive realization for our projects. And the most important thing of all, it makes us develop the internal qualities that we need in order to develop our conscious individuality which will show us the way to real happiness.

Whoever keeps their word makes their personal success more powerful:

  • Feels that they deserve what they aspire to.
  • Feels sure of themselves because they have proven their coherence and perseverance to attain an objective.
  • They inspire trust and security in those that surround them.
  • They become an integrating element and a positive reference point for others.
  • They realize permanent internal work, because in order to keep your word you must exercise self-discipline and self-control to avoid excuses and justifications.
  • They strengthen their character.
  • They base their self-esteem on their inner honesty and not on other peopleʼs approval. 


  • Mind your language. 
  • Take 5 minutes to evaluate before responded to a request in which you normally respond immediately. 
  • Donʼt make promises lightly that you are probably not going to fulfill. 
  • Donʼt forget what you have promised. 
  • Make an effort to keep your word: to your son, your partner, your friend, your employee, and your boss.
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