The Institute / Mission


We are a worldwide community committed to improving ourselves as human beings. These changes are obtained through the practice of Operative Philosophy, which is founded in Hermeticism, and is a form of mental engineering that permits humans beings to attain concrete objectives in life, happiness, and the ability to find oneself.

We face life with strength and optimism, by understanding that everything that happens to us, whether positive or negative, can be a wonderful challenge and a unique opportunity to test ourselves and our human quality.

We see life as a laboratory that permits us to understand the correspondence between the events that take place in our life and the causes that created them. This understanding bringing us closer to real wisdom.

The Institute for Hermetic Philosophy is an open philosophical association that creates an environment of support for all of its members in order for them to work on themselves and prosper in life.

It is a place that fosters hope for a better world, peace and mutual understanding among all human beings, of all races, gender, religion, country or social status.It is neither dogmatic nor sectarian, and anyone who wishes to discover and cultivate their inner world may become a member.

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