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"Morals For the 21st Century" impacts Russia

As part of official activities of his first visit to Russia as Scientific Consul for the Academy of Art and Science of the Union (ANIS), copies of “Morals for the 21st Century” were handed to each member of parliament.

The launching of the book in Russian took place in the Marriot Grand Hotel in Moscow. In attendance were many important personalities  from the academic, political, and cultural worlds of Russia. Among  the presenters of the book were the distinguished professor Dimitri Semionovich Lvov, member of the Russian Academy of Science and President of the Academy of Science and Art of the Union (ANIS), Oleg Kimovich Vavilov, general director of the publishing house Sophia, as well as members of various diplomatic entities from Latin America.

One of the main speakers at the event, Dimitri Lvov, reaffirmed the ideas on social morals present in Salas’ work, stating that Russian society in general has deteriorated because of the break of values. “The abrupt political and social changes produced in the years of perestroika, made some people rich very quickly and left large sectors of the population practically in poverty.  Great academics, doctors, scientists, and professors who in other times were so well respected, all of a sudden had no value and prestige, and Russian society started to experience a general deterioration that has lead to the highest mortality rate in the so-called civilized world.”


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