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Dario Salas Sommer Appointed Scientific Consul for Russia

In a solemn ceremony that took place on September 26, 2003 in the Hall of Honor at the University of Chile –presided over by the president of the National Scientific and Technical  Research Commission (CONICYT)–Chilean thinker Dario Salas Sommer, doctor in philosophy, writer, movie maker, founder of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy and the Latin American Bolivarian Foundation, was invested as the honorary scientific Consul for Latin America on behalf of the Academy of Science and Art of the Russian Union (ANIS).

The event was also attended by other noteworthy personalities from the scientific, cultural, and political arenas of Chile and Russia. Dario Salas Sommer, better known by his pseudonym John Baines, was also named Knight of Science and Art, Doctor in Philosophy and was also the recipient of the prestigious Vernadskovo award.

These awards were made official by an impressive delegation of prominent representatives from various Russian academies who traveled especially to honor this Chilean philosopher and scientific researcher. Among them were Sergei Artamonov, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Science and Art of the Union (ANIS), and the Russian Academy of Encyclopedias (ARE), Sergei Platonov, representative of the Russian Academy of Natural Science (RAEN), and Ivan Raylyan, director of foreign department of the Academy of Science and Arts.

The visiting representatives signed an agreement of cooperation and coordination between the Russian Academies and the Latin American Bolivarian Foundation created by Dario Salas Sommer.

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