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Dario Salas Sommer receives the Ekomir Award for his Work on Moral Physics™.

Chilean thinker Dario Salas Sommer was the recipient of a new international award from the scientific community of Russia, which is one of the most demanding and strict of its kind the world, yet openly receptive to the ideas of this philosopher on the relationship between the laws of physics and an individual’s life.

Dario Salas Sommer now adds the Ekomir award from the Russian Academy of Natural Science to his honorary appointment as Scientific Consul for Latin America, as well as other awards received from Russia. The Russian Academy of Natural Science is backed by numerous public and private institutes whose goal is to foster and reward projects and work related to ecology. Dr. Salas’ award is for “the creation of a new scientific focus: Moral Physics™.” Dr. Salas understands Moral Physics™ to be the study of the laws that govern the permanent magnetic feedback that exists between the human being and his or her surroundings. Dr. Dario Salas Sommer is indeed proposing therefore a new concept of ethical virtues and values based on the energetic quality of human behavior and the effects of it on a personal level.

The award ceremony took place in Moscow, the same place where, on his first visit, Dario Salas Sommer’s book “Morals for the 21st Century,” was recommended to legislators to aid them with their work. At the time, it had just been published in Russian (the same book has also been translated into English and Arabic) and it puts forward the main concepts of Moral Physics™.

The relationship of Dr. Salas with the Russian scientific community goes back to the 90’s when a branch of the Institute For Hermetic Philosophy, now called Dario Salas Sommer Academy for Moral Physics™ was opened.  Since then, his ideas on natural health and the bioenergetic relationship of the individual with his or her surroundings have become even more important in various scientific circles. In Russia, in political and social sectors, there is the belief that his scientific focus on virtue provides an opportunity to create a new foundation in a post communist society.

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