The Teachings / Moral Physics

What can be learned through the practice of Moral Physics™?

  1. To understand why we get bad results even though we have good intentions.
  2. To understand why we are not successful even though we are doing everything “correctly.”
  3. To understand why immoral acts have a negative impact on our health.
  4. To understand why our children do “bad” things even though we have taught them to be “good.”
  5. To learn to be successful at work while maintaining high moral values.
  6. To discover the internal keys for having positive relationships with others based on the practice of real morality.
  7. To comprehend and embrace the relationship between the things we do and the results we obtain, thereby clearing the way for us to achieve success and fulfillment.
  8. To comprehend the importance of overcoming our defects and shortcomings, instead of spending our energy trying to hide them and protect them; learning to value ourselves by ourselves.
  9. To understand how self-deceit works, when we hide our own reality from ourselves and hinder our access to real happiness.
  10. To achieve internal harmony within the heart, free from rage, envy, and resentment, and to renew the happiness of living in perfect concordance with Nature.


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