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Dario Salas Sommer has been interviewed on various radio programs on  prominent Chilean stations such as Radio Duna, Radio USACH, Radio Santiago, and Radio Futuro.  You can listen to these interviews in this session.

These interviews are in Spanish.


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- Radio Duna

As philosophers we must observe the world around us since it is a school where we must learn.  Using simple yet profound language, Dario Salas compares the spiritual path to introspection and to control over one’s internal world, something like “deep-sea diving into one’s own soul.”  In a clear and direct manner, Dario Salas answers the eternal question: What really triumphs, good or evil? What is real morality?

To listen to this interview, click here.

-Radio Futuro

The search for knowledge is the objective of every scientist.  In this interview, Dario Salas reconciles philosophy with science giving us a natural and motivating point of view regarding Operative Philosophy as well as information about his activities as Scientific Consul and researcher in the health area.

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-Radio USACH

In this interview, Dario Salas points out the substantial differences between traditional philosophy and Operative Philosophy, which simply stated is the ability to apply philosophy  to every day life and use it to solve every day problems.  He also points out the key to having access to a deeper reality, that is, consciousness, which is of more relevance to the true seeker than intelligence is. He even states that: “the hope of the world lies in consciousness.”

Dario Salas states in his own words the underlying idea highlighted in all of his literary work, and that is, that human beings have latent capacities that they don’t usually use,but which can be developed through discipline and work.

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-Radio Santiago

With a warm and calm style, Dario Salas answers questions from a group of reporters, and talks about morals from a scientific point of view, that is, morals that are based on the relationship of human beings to Nature.  In the same way, he touches on the most acute problems of today’s society: stress and drug abuse.  Lastly, he gives his point of view regarding the role of women today, analyzing some of the main ideas in his book Does Woman Exist?

To listen to this interview, click here.

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