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Concept to demonstrate: Living in the present moment.
Name of the experiment: IHP-001_Breakfast.
Average time of test: 7 minutes.
Level of Difficulty: Easy.
Applicable: Any moment of your life.

The Breakfast

Interactive Experiment

Nathalie is having breakfast.

By moving the cursor, you can change the way she experiences her breakfast.

- When the cursor is all the way to the right, Nathalie is completely concentrated on the reality of the present moment, such as the movements she makes when she raises her cup, the position of her body, the taste of the coffee and the feelings she has throughout the whole experience.

-When the cursor is all the way to the left, we divert Nathalie’s attention away from her breakfast towards other things that are not happening at that moment.

- When her attention becomes dispersed, her psychic energy starts to wander from one side to the next, it becomes weak and is attracted to unresolved problems that make her feel more anguish and anxiety.

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Have you ever experienced something similar?


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, professor of psychology at the University of Chicago, researched how people attain states of happiness and concludes the following: "Our attention acts like a filter between external events and the experience we derive from them… Our attention determines how our psychic energy will flow.”

In other words, a new event will capture our attention. But if we can focus our attention at will on our everyday tasks, we will be able to turn them into new events through “magic.”

Dario Salas Sommer states that “if a person does not have his/her consciousness projected into the present, at a certain point in time, it is as if that person does not exist BECAUSE REALITY ONLY EXISTS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. The past and the future have no real existence in the NOW. Human beings usually live projected into the past and into the future which means that they live an unreal existence full of fantasy. Complexes are a clear manifestation of projection and fixation of the consciousness into the past and nervous tension is a clear manifestation of projection into the future.” (“HypsoConsciousness,” Chapter on “Real Existence and Fantasy”).

Everyday Application

This experiment can be carried out individually at any moment of your everyday life, whether you are with your family, at work, or by yourself. The benefits you can attain are very important and can be seen immediately.

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