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    Darío Salas Sommer

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First of all, I must clarify that I am a philosopher and not a conventional scientist, although I do think that every scientist is a bit of a philosopher and vice-versa. That is why originally science and philosophy were one and the same.

My attitude is fundamentally different to orthodox attitudes in that I do not try to convince anyone of my modest discoveries and only wish to plant the seed of something new to encourage professional scientists to seek new routes in areas that so far have yet to be explored or are not sufficiently known.

All scientific research is necessarily based on the observation of reality, but we never observe the observer simultaneously, nor do we pre-qualify him/her regarding his/her level of vigilance and therefore run the risk of that person projecting his/her desires and fears; in other words, reality is observed through an altered or distorted instrument.
It is well known that the same hypothesis can lead different scientists to diametrically opposite results and conclusions. I am convinced this is due to each person’s mindset and emotions as an observer.

The position of the observer affects the research and also the results. This also includes the total events within the observer’s life. Therefore, I have tried to research the instrument of knowledge of the observer, meaning his/her level of vigilance and state of consciousness. By the way, for over forty years I have worked to optimize my own instrument of knowledge.

My private research and work have taken place mainly in the areas of health and human sciences:


  1. The measurement of low and high levels of consciousness and their negative or positive effects. Low levels are characterized as "deficient," and the high levels are characterized by a state of physical and psychological well-being.
  2. Disciplines to raise the level of consciousness and to measure it scientifically.


  1. In the area of preventative medicine, proof of the damage that is produced by negative emotions and scattered thoughts.
  2. Implementation of certain measures regarding the optimization of health that permit the body to cure itself.
  3. Corroboration that diseases are a process created by Nature so that people will be able to face the challenges of life.
  4. Scientific measurement of one's state of health and how to improve it.
  5. Control of depression through the natural stimulation of dopamine production.


  1. Proof that moral violations have negative effects on health.
  2. Verification of the great loss of energy that occurs due to immoral behavior.
  3. Corroboration of the degradation of the body’s energy due to certain moral violations.


  1. Video cámara Kirlian del Dr. Konstantin Korotkov (RUSIA) (Técnica de Gas Discharge Visualization).
  2. Check (Empresa VEGA, Alemania).
  3. Vega Test (Alemania).
  4. Vegasom (Alemania).
  5. Audio Color (Alemania).
  6. Maquina PEME de campos magnéticos (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Energy), diseñada por Kay Kiernan (Inglaterra).
  7. Tensiometro Fisher automático (USA).
  8. Quantum X (biolectrical body composition analyzer) (USA).
  9. Láser Seirin (Alemania).

This research is based on the work that was carried out by the following scientists:

  • Dr. Fritz Albert Popp (Bio-physicist who discovered and measured biophoton emissions in the human body).
  • Dr. Bodo Köhler (President of the German Association of Biophysicists).
  • Dr. H.W. Ludwig (Biophysicist).
  • Dr. Konstantin Korotkov (Physics PhD).
  • Dr. Masaru Emoto (Messages from Water).
  • Dr. Jiin-Ju Chang (International Institute of Biophysics, Germany).
  • Dr. Robert O. Becker (State University of New York).
  • Dr. Albert Pischinger (Extracellular Matrix Theory).


Darío Salas Sommer

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