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Science - Biophotonics

When a given quantity of solar light—what we call a “quantum” or a “photon”—is absorbed by a chlorophyll molecule, an electron in that chlorophyll is “excited,” that is, its energetic level is momentarily raised.  Immediately, the electron passes this absorbed energy to a receptor molecule, and in a fraction of a second the electron “falls” into its original energetic state, remaining available to be excited once again.  Part of the absorbed solar energy is transformed into chemical energy through a complex process known as photosynthesis.  Only light energy that is absorbed can be transformed into chemical energy.


Science - Thoughts

Think about how the immune system has to defend itself against the constant attacks that it is subject to.  If you think that killer bacteria, Legionnaire’s Disease and severe colds are bad, it may surprise you to realize that medical and scientific research has concluded that the most fearsome enemy of the organism is not microbes, but rather...


Science - Neuroscience

The Three-In-One Brain

The nervous system is the biological support for the human mind.  The brain is the tool we use to face and try to understand life, but is it reliable as an instrument for acquiring knowledge? Do we really see what is there?  Do we perceive reality objectively?...


Science - PsychologyAdvertising and the Reptilian Brain

A few weeks ago in Santiago, Chile we saw the results of the ACHAP convention (Chilean Advertisement Association) about the power of emotions in advertising. The presentations agreed with the most recent theories of research in neuro-physics, and left no doubt about the hierarchy of emotions within the brain, and the underlying brain structures, specifically according to McLean’s research on the diencephalons or R-complex.


Science - Entropy

Entropy and Hermetic Teachings

According to the law of entropy (the second law of Thermodynamics, initially formulated by S. Carnot in 1812 ), all systems in the universe tend to become disorganized in a natural and irreversible way as time goes by (Maxwell, 1860 and Boltzmann, 1872).  As a result, entropy is associated with disorder and chaos and with any process that “left alone” will end up becoming ruined.

News Flash

Science - News

In this section you will find brief scientific news flashes of interest to Operative Philosophy™ – In various media forms.

Deep Meditation improves Brain Functions

People who practice meditation over time induce effective changes in the way the brain functions such as improved control over the knowledge they have and better management of their emotions.  According to W.M. Keck laboratory experiments on brain studies at the Waisman Center at the University of Wisconsin,…

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