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Entropy in your daily life

Entropy and Hermeticism

Operative Philosophy, understood as the development and evolution of conciousness, is an active path opposed to entropy

According to the law of entropy (the second law of Thermodynamics, initially formulated by S. Carnot in 1812 ), all systems in the universe tend to become disorganized in a natural and irreversible way as time goes by (Maxwell, 1860 and Boltzmann, 1872).  As a result, entropy is associated with disorder and chaos and with any process that “left alone” will end up becoming ruined.

This is a reality that can be observed daily: there is a progressive biological deterioration associated with age; time waits for no one; the same thing happens at a psychological level - we become progressively more rigid. As time goes by, our character sours from the inner scattering that takes place because we have not comprehended the experiences we have had throughout time.

However, it is possible to stop this process of cellular disorganization to a certain extent as we introduce “negentropy,” an element of order.  Basically, negentropy has to do with internal and external flexibility  sustained through willpower and effort.

Operative Philosophy is understood as the development and evolution of   consciousness which is an active path that opposes entropy because it is not probable (as is entropy).  What is more likely to happen is for us to let ourselves go, and be tempted by comfort and the path of less resistance, which will make us obediently and naturally comply with the process of disintegration of our energy.

On the contrary, evolution of consciousness requires opposition to the law of entropy and overcoming the tendency towards psychological deafness and sleep. It means facing and incorporating reality, acting coherently, understanding that disorder will not become ordered all by itself and that success in any area of life requires conscious action with willpower and effort.

Operative Philosophy requires us to act negentropically in all areas of our life: to take care of our physical and psychological health, to guarantee that the brain will be able to function at its best level, to overcome the inertia and comfort of sleep, to be able to act consciously.  Sleep stagnates us and through it, we lose our skills and abilities.

It is important to understand that we are live organisms subject to the laws of Nature and that the most probable outcome is for our energy to become inevitably scattered due to the law of entropy.

The other option is to grow spiritually, and follow the “improbable” path of introducing conscious order into our lives which, according to the rhythm of life, will help us to compact our individual energy.  If we respect  the laws of Nature we will generate a state of inner harmony which will increase our mental clarity, coherence, efficiency, and success which will be based on our own merit.

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