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"Techniques for achieving personal success. Through the practice of various types of exercises called HypsoConsciousness, the individual can strive to raise his or her level of consciousness, in order to attain self-dominion, balance, stability, tranquility, and a higher intellectual state."

Rapid advances in science and technology which demand more and more from the individual with each passing day rule the world of today.

The speed at which we carry out our everyday activities in life goes against our best interests because it fosters superficial thinking and the disease of the 21st century: Stress.  Stress fogs the mind and leaves one open to destructive habits and emotions, which in turn ruin one’s health, as well as lower one’s level of personal and professional efficiency.

HypsoConsciousness is a complete system that starts with self-knowledge. It encourages self-improvement, development, and personal success in all areas of life.

In this book, the author describes this system of relaxation and self-mastery which is based on raising one’s level of consciousness, something that is crucial for people of today who are always so tense and under so much pressure.

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ISBN 1-882692-02-0

Content Index
Letter to the Reader VII
1. Modern Man and His “Disease” 9
2. Stress 23
3. The Anguished Individual 35
4. Consciousness and Hypso-Consciousness 49
5. Causes and Consequences of a Low Level of Consciousness 63
6. The Conscious and the Subconscious 75
7. Hypnosis 85
8. Real Existence and Fanciful Existence 97
9. Relaxation 109
10. Exercises of Elevating One’s Level of Consciousness 131
Exercise No. 1: Complete Breathing
Exercise No. 2:Morning Breathing
Exercise No. 3: Breathing for Relaxation
Exercise No. 4: Imperceptible Breathing
11. Education of the Imagination 147
Exercise No. 5: Relaxation and Mastery of the Imagination
Exercise No. 6: Mental Concentration No. 1
Exercise No. 7: Mental Concentration No. 2
Exercise No. 8: The Mental Void
12. Motor Re-Education 175
Exercise No. 9: Conscious Movements
13. Vocalization 189
Exercise No. 10: Vocal Consciousness
14. Consciousness of the “I” 195
Exercise 11: Consciousness of the “I”
15. Use of the Reflective Power 207
Exercise No. 12: Solving Problems
Exercise No. 13 Applied Use of the Intellect
16. Success 215
17. Guidelines to Help Prevent Nervous Tension 225
18. Summary of the Method of HypsoConsciousness and Instructions for Its Use 235
19. Concluding Remarks 241
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