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Does Woman Exist?

"More than anything, a woman needs to become the "mother of herself", focusing her maternal capacity towards her own person, place herself under her own care, and verse herself in the art of femininity."

In this book, Dario Salas Sommer (a.k.a John Baines) differentiates between being a “female” and being “a feminine woman.”  The former woman is a slave to events, whereas  the latter woman is able to determine her own destiny.

Through the conscious development of the inner world, a woman might first realize that she has no idea of her own power, but later on realize  that she has everything she needs to overcome any difficulties in her life within her.

This book is an honest and straightforward proposal for women to become aware of the traps they so often fall into, and thereby become free in the deepest meaning of the word.

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ISBN 9-781882-692-08-8

Content Index
Initial Reflections 17
The World of Woman 25
Feminine Identity 37
Differences Between the Sexes 49
Mistaken Behavior 65
The Confusion Between Being Female and Being Feminine 97
What is Authentic Femininity? 109
The Option of Motherhood 137
Sexual Balance 151
Development 167
Material Circumstances 185
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