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The Science of Love

"In this book, the author invites us to ponder and practice what he calls “the Science of Love,” understanding it as a way to find true love by practicing truthfulness toward oneself and toward others."

In this book, we will start on the path to understanding the differences between false and true love, first  by understanding that we do not know what love is, and that consequently our relationships  are mostly unsatisfactory or not as fulfilling as they could be.

The author writes about the lack of knowledge  in being able to love the opposite sex, as well as loving the world and especially ourselves. By learning about the science of love, we will be able to glimpse the benefits that are attainable through it, such as   individual development and happiness.

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ISBN 1-882692-004

Content Index
Letter to the Reader 5
Introduction to Hermeticism 7
Why Do People get Married 19
Ignorance 23
Using Marriage as an Anchor and a Goal 35
Withholding Oneself 39
Narcissism and Jealousy 45
The Amorous Human Automaton 53
Vampirism 57
Magnetic Drunkenness 63
Heterosuggestion: The Influence of Collective Belief 67
The Oedipus and Electra Complexes 75
The Diana Complex 83
Symbiosis 89
The Daydream Phantom 93
Sado-Masochism 101
The Compulsive Search for Sexual Pleasure 107
Macho and Matriarchal Behavior 113
Social Substitutes for Love 119
The Wrong Reasons for Having Children 125
Artificial Obligations 133
Loneliness and Anxiety 147
Making Woman a Sex Object 153
False Romanticism 159
Frigidity and Impotence 167
Hysteria 191
What Is Love? 197
Magnetic Relationships Between Men and Women 215
The Mystery of the Feminine Soul 223
The Mystery of Karma 239
Further Dimensions of the Nature of Love 249
The Effects of Telluric Magnetism 261
Further Dimensions of Sex 273
The Sexual Act 289
Love is An Act of Will 309
Morals in Love 325
The Superior Couple 343
The Hermetic Couple 367
Words to Those Suffering for a Lost Love 381
Clues to Detect Narcissism in Love 385
The Dangers of Learning the Science of Love 387
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