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The Secret Science

"Whoever is able to gain dominion over oneself, transforms and sublimates all of his or her animal nature to give birth to the Superior ‘I.’ When the Superior ‘I’ has really been crowned as king of the microcosm – that is the body – the individual can attain the power to achieve certain things that are not within the reach of the person who has not found him or herself."

In this book, the author shows us the path that leads human beings towards self- mastery and authentic personal development. This is accomplished through voluntary control of the Laws of Nature that permit the individual to consciously manage his or her own life.

This book is dedicated to all sincere seekers of truth, to all those who yearn to become free of ignorance, lies, mistakes and pain.

According to Hermeticism, the complete structure of the Cosmos is within the human being. Thus, management of these forces bestows upon the individual cosmic projection.

The real meaning of life is that human beings should fulfill the highest duty of their existence: to find themselves and use their mental powers to the highest degree, under the direction of a superior consciousness, thus attaining their transcendental destiny: to develop into  “Stellar Men or Women.”

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ISBN 1-882692-01-2

Content Index
An Introduction to Hermeticism VII
I What is Occultism? 5
II Man 19
III The Spirit and the Soul 27
IV The Mind 33
V Desires 39
VI Sex 43
VII God 57
VIII The Mysteries of Life and Death 65
IX Anguish and Human Problems 73
Practical Instructions for Attaining Material and Spiritual Perfectioning
X The Dominion of Oneself – the Conquest of One’s Own Universe 121
XI Development of Consciousness 133
XII Education of the Will 149
XIII Education and Mastery of the Sex 155
XIV Education and Mastery of the Heart 161
XV Education and Mastery of the Imagination 165
XVI Use of the Powers of the Mind 169
XVII The Search for Happiness 179
XVIII The pathway to Initiation 205
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