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The Stellar Man

"We must understand that real evolution is not something that can be improvised at all, and that no one in the Universe can achieve it without first going through a process of self-realization that is slow, difficult, and needs to be sustained over time."

The Stellar Man and Woman are individuals who have evolved, who have  found themselves and whose  mental power is completely under the direction of their higher consciousness.

Through the mastery of one’s mind, emotions and passions, the individual can attain the highest goal of humanity  a goal that gives life true meaning and leads one to transcend the ordinary condition of humanity – and thus experience a leap in evolution.

The ultimate goal of life is therefore to obey the cosmic order that leads to spiritual union with the Creator.

A Stellar Man or Woman is a being that lives serenely and fully because he or she has been given a second chance. This does not happen to everyone, but when it does, most do not recognize it and simply let it pass by.

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ISBN 1-882692-04-7

Content Index
Message From Isis 1
The Antichrist 5
Dissection of the Sapiens 21
To Be or Not to Be? 35
The Collective Soul of the Species 57
The Illusion of True Knowledge 75
The Illusion of Freedom 93
Hermeticism 105
The Seekers 115
The Seven Keys of Wisdom 129
The Disciples 171
True Initiation 183
The Ordeals 209
The Obstacles 219
Initiation Practices 223
The Volitional I 229
The Life and Powers of The Stellar Man 247
General View 263
To the Readers 277
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