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Morals for the 21st Century

"Genuine morals are guidelines for being in harmony with the Universe and Nature. Thus, those who meticulously observe these guidelines, will always be successful - in the broadest meaning of the word - which is the highest achievement within evolution that the human being can aspire to."

There is a popular belief that states that honesty is not the best way to make a profit. The author, however, states that morality is a powerful tool to being successful in life. “Morals for the 21st Century” is not a simple rehashing of natural morals; rather, it is an absolutely new view of morality. The author categorically asserts and proves - through scientific experiments - that morality is based on scientific facts, thus breaking away from the ideological and theological bases with which morality has always been associated.

The morality that the author discusses is based on the laws that govern energy, i.e. it is based strictly on the understanding of physics.

Whoever complies with this morality is complying with him or herself, that is why, the respect for morality, implies respect for oneself and is the equivalent of sowing seeds in the earth of one’s being. Compliance with the physical laws of morality will lead to reaping a crop that is increased several-fold, thus proving, without fear or faith, how truly profitable it is to comply with the eternal order of matters.

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Limited Edition: "Internal Ecology: Morals for the 21st Century" - only 300 books printed especially for the May 11, 2007 conference, “Global Warming and Climate Change: the Time for Action Has Come", that took place in Santiago, Chile. Dr. Salas Sommer appeared on the same panel as former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore.
ISBN 978-1-882692-07-1

ISBN 1- 882692-03-9

Content Index
Basic Tenets of Moral Physics 1
The Difficulties of Acting Morally 17
1. The Fact That we Live in an Era of Masses 21
2. The Alienation of Our Time 30
3. The Erroneous Educational System 39
4. The Subjective Nature of Values 48
5. Man’s Low Level of Evolution 57
6. The Weakness of People’s Character 64
Causes That Weaken People’s Character and Will 66
a) The Compulsive Quest for Pleasure 66
b) Overprotection 70
c) Idleness and Decadence 72
d) Sexual Ambiguity 74
e) Sedentariness 75
f) Lack of Self-Worth 76
7. Environmental Hypnosis 81
8. Lack of Consensual Morality 90
Norms Pertaining to the True Human Being 99
The Values of the Average Man 109
Sin and Moral Faults 121
Marriage Without Love 121
The Shirking of One’s Self-Control and Responsibility 127
False Friendship 130
Mental and Emotional Manipulation 135
The Manipulation of the Image 142
Dishonesty 148
The Abuse of Power 156
The Financial System 164
Envy 181
Egoism 198
Corruption 214
Mediocrity 227
Parasitical Vampirism 234
Self-Indulgence and Self-Pity 242
Living for One’s Image 247
Lack of Individual Merit 256
Ignorance of Good and Evil 269
Swindling 289
Abortion 289
Masturbation 320
Relations Against Nature 336
Adultery 345
Divorce 355
Sadomasochism 365
The Weakening of the Family 378
Comfort 395
Hate 408
Drug Abuse 419
Not Keeping One’s Word 433
Deceiving the Eye and the Ear 441
Alcoholism 451
Materialism 462
To Expect Without Deserving 475
To Prioritize Personal Objectives 488
To Commit Oneself to Good and Swear Loyalty to One’s Own Spirit 497
To Confront One’s Own Dishonesty 506
To Put Oneself Emotionally in the Place of Others 514
To Have Dominion Over Oneself 520
To Come Out of One’s Own Mental Burrow 527
Developing Will and Tempering the Character 533
Living in Harmony with Nature 541
Acting in Accordance with the Law of Egalitarian Equivalence 550
Seeking More Profound Truths 557
Carefully Examining the Legality of Nature 569
Experimental Proof Of the Negative Physical Effect of Certain Moral Violations 589
Measuring the Electromagnetic Energy of the Body in Different Physiological Processes 591
1. Basis of the Experiment 591
2. Experimental Variables 593
3. Experimental Procedures 606
4. Results of the Experiment 612
5. Discussion of the Results 619
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