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Dario Salas Sommer In Spain

Lunch at a restaurant in Madrid with other members of IHP

The general director and founder of IHP, Dario Salas Sommer, visited Spain in May 2004, en route to Moscow where he was going to be honored by the Russian Academy of Science and Arts (ANIS) after having been appointed honorary Scientific Consul for Latin America.  He was also scheduled to meet with various Russian political and scientific personalities.

Dario Salas Sommer was in Spain on two different occasions.  The fist visit was from May 4-15, 2004, where he was able to see what progress the Institute of Spain was making with its projects, as well as visit the Harmony Building recently constructed in Chapineria, just outside of Madrid. He also visited the plot of land that IHP has owned for several years, on the outskirts of Spain’s capital.  Here members can carry out their spiritual work.

During this trip, Dr. Salas Sommer met with several work groups of the branch, and he also gave a conference for all its members. The subject of the conference focused on the significance of knowledge and the importance of training the attention.

During his second trip to Spain on May 31, on his way back from Moscow, he gave a talk at IHP’s headquarters in Madrid about the necessity for having a spiritual path.

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