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Concept to Prove:  Automatisms.
Name of Experiment: IHP-005_The Mouse.
Average Test Time: 6 minutes.
Level of Difficulty: Medium.
Applicability: Sitting at the computer.

The Mouse

Interactive Experiment

A labyrinth shows us the path to spiritual progress. Try to guide the ball through the labyrinth, select it and move it with the mouse of your computer. It MUST NOT touch the walls of the labyrinth and you MUST complete it before you run out of time. Watch the countdown.

(You will notice a small "difference" in the way your computer usually functions).

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Did you notice what happened as you tried to do this experiment using all of your attention? Acting automatically is much faster, because it saves thinking, but if you really want to redirect the mouse or your life in the direction that you want, you will have to do so by directing your attention in such a way that it will permit you to know where you are, remember where you want to go, and walk firmly towards it. This means raising your level of awareness.

If you were really able to reach the end of the labyrinth, the mental state you have attained is now at a much higher level of consciousness, because you have gone beyond your motor automatisms.

Congratulations! You are now ready to make decisions throughout the day with greater mental clarity, and therefore with greater possibilities for success.

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