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Third International Seminar on Moral Physics – Quality of Life

- Health, physical and material well-being, love life, social and working relationships, and spirituality are all areas that a person can noticeably transform when he or she understands and applies the concepts of Moral Physics
- Read the opinions of some of the attendees at the Seminar

August 11-17, 2008
Puyehue - Chile.

Darío Salas maintains that when people are able to “wake up” and stop being influenced by external agents that distract them and capture their attention—like the communications media and advertisements, among others—and at the same time are able to get to know themselves deeply, they begin to experience a fuller existence, taking conscious decisions that allow them to improve all aspects of their lives.

Health, physical and material well-being, love life, social and working relationships, and spirituality are all areas that a person can noticeably transform when he or she understands and applies the concepts of Moral Physics.  This knowledge is based primarily on principles of quantum physics and Biophotonics, disciplines that the Chilean thinker has studied in depth for several decades.

The internal changes to which the seminar referred constitute the basis not only for making transformations and achieving a better quality of life, but also for influencing the environment that surrounds us, improving the conditions of the planet and all of the beings that inhabit it.

Testimonial No.1

“From what I experienced at the Seminar on Moral Physics held in Puyehue, I consider attending it to be a gift that every hermeticist should give to himself or herself, since it is a unique opportunity to spend at least 7 days out of the year “LIVING CONSCIOUSLY”.

Being with Darío Salas live and in person, partaking of his generous wisdom in lectures and practical exercise workshops every day, I understood the full measure of his work, the love and impersonal openness and from that point my first question was, “What will be my contribution, to get in tune with such a high level of vibration?”  My response was, I will take a position of internal commitment and an attitude that will allow me to bring order, harmony and happiness, so that I lived every day maintaining this “musical tone”, sharing with great affection with each of my brothers and sisters different impressions, reflections and deep conversations on different occasions that came along, in exercises, at mealtimes, recreation and also treasuring the moments of solitary introspection.  It moves me to recall these moments that I lived, to see the luminosity, peace and happiness that shows in the faces of the various photographs that I have.  Once more I was able to confirm that Hermetic Philosophy is effective and it works, it’s just that to activate it and maintain it is our own responsibility.  I am very grateful to Darío Salas for this valuable and huge opportunity.”

Ingrid Ebert Alarcón – Concepción Branch – Chile

Testimonial No. 2:

“Doing the exercises that Darío Salas taught us I was able to reach a state of disentanglement.  That is the only word I have to describe the moment that I experienced:  disentanglement from external material things and disentanglement from my own life or my PERSONALITY, all of this is a state of calm without euphoria or strong emotions.  It is as if the pendulum held still.”

Walter Hernández – Concepción – Chile

Testimonial No. 3:

“The Moral Physics Seminar in Puyehue in the presence of Darío Salas was the most important week of my life, a great opportunity to connect myself to what really has value and with the work that has to be done to complete oneself as a human being, the daily struggle to go beyond the mechanisms.

“Also to comprehend the importance of the Teachings for the world and for the planet.  To recognize the value and the responsibility of being there, renewing the commitment to continue on the spiritual path, with joy, more relaxed and with a strong sense of harmony and union with the brothers and sisters from the different branches all around the world, with whom we shared this beautiful interlude in contact with nature.

Taking part in the Seminar also meant an excellent opportunity to be with myself, with my internal being and to reflect on the teachings I received.  To practice the breathing and immobility exercises, to be more relaxed and harmonious in the present moment, to retain the I and this to experience unique, if brief, instants in a higher level of consciousness.

A wonderful gift, a privilege to speak of the generous presence of Dr. Darío Salas, to receive directly his teachings that were engraved deep within me and to which I can return today even though I am far from that place, and for which I feel profound gratitude.

Filial - Temuco

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