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Dr. Dario Salas Sommer’s U.S. Visit

After nearly ten years since his last visit to the U.S., Dr Dario Salas Sommer’s May 2005 trip to New York to visit the local branch of his worldwide Institute for Hermetic Philosophy was greeted with much anticipation. Dr. Salas Sommer not only gave a public speech, but also presented his ideas on 360 Degrees of Success™ to the members of the New York branch.

That same weekend Dr. Salas gave the second in the series of talks on 360 Degrees Success™ to a group of over four hundred at the Florence Gould Hall at the French Institute. In this talk, he discussed the tenets of achieving higher states of consciousness through practical techniques based on the principles of Hermetic philosophy and its inherent operative nature. The event was broadcast on local television and was followed by interviews with the press.

During his stay, Dr. Salas Sommer traveled to Massachusetts to meet and be interviewed by Andrew Cohen, publisher of the magazine What is Enlightenment. During the interview, Dr. Salas Sommer discussed his concept of Moral Physics™, our relationship to it on a daily basis, and the importance of living in harmony with Nature. The interview can be viewed in a three part series in The Founder – Interviews.

Closing out his series of interviews, Dr. Salas Sommer was interviewed by Allen Steinfeld of New Realities TV where he further elaborated on the subject of Moral Physics™. For more on Moral Physics™, please read: “Internal Ecology: Morals for the 21st Century,” by Dr. Salas Sommer (see Books).

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