“The world is going through a crucial period where it desperately needs just, whole, and correct women and men imbued with ideals of peace, love, abundance and common good for all.

Where are those people? Where do we find someone like Pythagoras, Socrates, or Plato that will enlighten the world by their example? Where is someone like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, or Michelangelo to pour their creative genius on everyone?

It would seem that the light that illuminated the world in the past has become extinguished.Scientific advances are not enough, as the spirit also needs nourishment. We are living in a time when the Beast walks the world with impunity, when moral and spiritual values have fallen.However, the initiatic light shines, in these times in various parts of the world, and it is there where we must seek self-improvement, this is where we will learn to overcome our human passions and replace them with virtues.

Love must reign on earth, and for this to happen every human being has an inescapable duty to improve themselves morally and spiritually, to contribute to world peace!”


Darío Salas Sommer was born in Santiago de Chile on March 4, 1935     

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