Hypsoconciousness Exercises

What is being alert good for?And… How do we do this?…By breathing!

There are many ways to raise our level of consciousness.One of them is through breathing.Conscious breathing establishes a completely different psychic state than when breathing mechanically and involuntary.

Voluntarily raising our level of consciousness is a method that leads the individual to a state of alertness. Hypsoconciousness is the term that is used to refer to the essence of this method, meaning, raising the conscious, or raising the LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Hypsoconciousness exercises are intended to foster an individual’s awakening.
There are several ways to do these exercises, we invite you to try them out.

Complete Breathing:

  • Standing, feet slightly apart, chin up, shoulders slightly back, start breathing in, expanding the abdomen, softly pushing it forward until it looks a bit round. Continue breathing in until your lungs are full, now filling the chest area, which naturally makes the abdomen go in. While breathing out make sure to pull in your stomach softly to enable the release of residual air.

Morning breathing exercise: Do this exercise to increase your vitality before starting your daily activities:

  • First Stage: Standing, eyes closed, heels together, feet pointing outward, spine straight and chin up. With arms extended and straight, join the palms of your hands in front of your stomach. The fingertips of your hands should touch each other in this position.
  • Second Stage: Begin inhaling through the nose, pushing outward softly with the stomach, gradually raising both arms while inhaling until your thumbs are at chin level.
  • Third Stage: Continue filling the lungs while separating the arms until your arms are fully extended, at this time the lungs must be full. Hold in your breath for a few seconds
  • Fourth Stage: Slowly begin exhaling softly, at the same time relax the arms and hands and lower them slowly as you exhale, until the palms of the hands touch the outside of the thighs. At this point the lungs should be completely empty.
  • Fifth Stage: Rest before repeating the entire exercise.