Operative Philosophy

Operative Philosophy is the highest spiritual level that a human being can attain in this life, it is a practical philosophical discipline, that develops the individual’s superior consciousness, which permits us to have in depth comprehension of life, the world, and ourselves.

Operative Philosophy allows for the spiritual preparation of the human being so they can fully integrate themselves with the celestial and terrestrial nature and recover their inner harmony, peace and happiness. It is not in any way magical or superstitious. Mastering its technique requires a previous process of sublimation of the lower human passions and a technical handling of thought and states of consciousness.

It is the art of living wisely, in the sense of making an objective and profound interpretation of the events that we live through in our lives, in order to achieve authentic happiness and inner plentitude, which is independent of material circumstances.

It teaches us to understand the celestial coordinates, which are eternal and immutable laws, that are beyond time and space and have nothing to do with human opinions or personal desire, different from the laws of society on earth, which constantly change depending on the customs of the country, and the historic times we live in.

These laws are the traffic rules of the universe and of life and represent a higher logic which we must use every day to do what is correct and concordant with universal order, and thus, truly live, in harmony with divine and terrestrial Nature.

These laws state that visible matter is not more than one billionth part of the real universe, therefore, matter is reduced until it becomes insignificant.

From this point of view, as human beings are also more energy than matter, they are creative and emitting entities, inserted in a major energy field, which is the totality of universal Nature.

The main problem to live in harmony with the “spiritual laws,” is our arbitrariness, born from a mental programming which is limited to our circumstances and social learning, believing that what we think and feel makes up authentic reality. Whereas it is a narrow segment that is seen as the truth, making us the point of reference of what is correct and perfect and the center and model of our lives.

The crude reality is that our behaviors are controlled by our most primitive brain, the reptilian and mammalian one, which are basic centers for survival of the species whose characteristics are violent, aggressive, predative, personalist, rigid and do not learn from experience; always repeating the same thing, based only on the conservation of the species and individual appetite.

Animal behavior in humans, acting as predators, has led us to almost destroy planet earth.

This world is ruled by intelligent men and women, with PhD’s in the most varied human disciplines, but wars, violence, hunger, diseases, and poverty, increase daily.

How can this be?

Because common intelligence, without higher consciousness is no good. The latter is unknown to human beings, as we only know and act with our psychological consciousness. This is basically our personality, which is made up of the information received from our parents, school, advertising, and the environment we are exposed to throughout our lives.

Similar to a hard drive, our brain becomes full of fragmented information that we cannot process, as we do not have the internal tools to do so. It is like constantly taking millions of photographs, only that these remain filed in our neurons as “dead information,” overlapped and disconnected from each other, without a logical connection among them. This is why we often do not understand what happens to us in our daily lives and are not able to communicate empathically with other people and relate harmonically with life and our environment. We are not capable of seeing internal and external reality, without filters, as our photographic lens has “optical aberrations” born from our fragmented thoughts, our frustrations, anger, traumas, and all that we have incorporated and learned throughout our lives, in a low state of consciousness.

On the contrary, superior consciousness allows us to take sharp photographs, without mental or emotional filters, by contemplating reality and what happens to us, abstaining from giving our personal opinion, and only perceiving the events in a state of inner silence.

To develop this superior faculty, Operative Philosophy teaches us to form an internal unity which has its own force, to observe impartially, both external reality and our internal reality, made up by the personality and its mechanisms.

This internal force must be self-created consciously with will power, constantly putting in order our fragmented psychic consciousness and our internal world, becoming an anchoring center of the individual. This internal center becomes the eternal watchman, that anticipates the personality to intercept stimuli or sensations, managing to take reliable photographs, which are assigned a precise place interconnected with the others, which allows us to put together, in our internal world, the puzzle of our lives and of the world, created consciously and in constant communication with Reality.

This technical distance or inner separation allows us to perform a self-criticism, which will safely lead us to a more integral knowledge of ourselves and start to transform and sublimate our animal part into higher virtues, allowing us to change internally and modify the way we see and understand the world, in a higher and more harmonious sense.

In this internal state we cease to be arbitrary, self-referent and personalistic, to place ourselves in a conscious and permanent relationship with celestial coordinates and to act impersonally, beyond our beliefs, our selfishness, and our personal tastes and preferences, managing to walk hand in hand with life and its divine energy.

With this Teaching we learn to use our bodies as musical instruments, which allow us to tune in and participate in the universal harmony and melody of our own spirit, which is the divine spark, an emanation from God that we carry as human beings.

The student who is on the path of Evolution of Consciousness must always RADIATE HARMONY to serve impersonally the universal force of LIGHT. Always acting as harmonizers, regardless of the external disharmonies of other people, insults, aggressions, or belittling.

Harmony in the family, at work, in the relationship with your partner, the environment in which you live and act.

He who radiates disharmony receives disharmony from Nature.

“The person who has been able to do this, fully aware of their human duties, undertakes a crusade of impersonal help for Humanity, in order to cooperate with universal peace and to give others the opportunity to have access to the same knowledge that they haves received, thus forming the GREAT UNIVERSAL CHAIN OF THE INITIATED, whose origins fade into the antiquity of the world and whose end will never come because divine strength is infinite and eternal”.

Darío Salas Sommer