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Legacy of my Work

“I have dedicated my life to showing the world a way for human progress through the development of individual consciousness, teaching how every person can attain human excellence, by the growth of our Spirit which, is what we are in essence.

With this desire in mind, more than 50 years ago, I created the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy, currently present in many countries around the globe, as well as publishing various works that have allowed several thousand people to find true meaning and real significance in their lives, through the knowledge and practice I have called Operative Philosophy.

It is because of the above that my will, expressed in this act, is to preserve this work in time and to state that all my existing assets at the time of my death, are intended in their entirety for the creation of a non-profit foundation that bears my name.The purpose is to study and spread my intellectual work, the practice of Operative Philosophy and scientific research linked to spiritual development, promoting the human and moral development of humankind.

This Foundation will be led by a Founding Community that will ensure the spirit, values and mission of the Foundation and determine its general guidelines.”

The initial members of the Founding Community are the following people:

  • Founder: Darío Salas Sommer
  • Co-Founders and Executors:
    • María Angélica Paulina Villanueva Espinosa,
    • Raúl Felipe Pohl Ordóñez,
    • Guillermo Antonio Elgueta Sánchez.

“It is my wish that the Dario Salas Sommer Foundation continue to provide the collaboration that I have personally granted to the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy Corporation, with permission for grant licenses, enter into contracts, and cooperation agreements, as well as to execute all other acts that are necessary or facilitate the fulfilment of the purposes of the entity, provided that said Corporation remains faithful to the object provided for in its Statutes”.

Darío Salas Sommer

Darío Salas Sommer Foundation