USA branch


Our School, The Institute for Hermetic Philosophy is an association of freethinking philosophers committed to the supreme good, truth, freedom, justice, and the practice of the highest human virtues. Whoever disagrees with this should not be in our school. The student who does not feel these ideals like a flame that burns in their heart, is someone who is lukewarm, amorphous and undefined, a bit from here and a bit from there, a bit inside and a bit outside.

A lukewarm person is an individual that can intellectually agree with the ideals of the Institute, but who is corroded by comfort and inertia, and does not possess enough goodness and nobility in their heart to embrace the noblest possible ideal in this life: the practice of good and virtue out of the love of goodness itself without expecting a reward.

We are in love with good and truth; our reward is our virtue that will lead us to true happiness that surpasses and transcends the vicissitudes of material circumstances.

We cannot be defeated because being virtuous depends on us and not on others.

We cannot fail because we seek ways to strengthen our spirit, which is nourished not only by pleasurable situations but also by adversity.

Our commitment to good must always lead us to a just relationship with our fellowmen, and this justice is measured by EGALITARIAN EQUIVALENCE. Give to every individual what is right and take only what our personal merit allows.

We are an island of light and peace in the midst of a world that sinks more and more into the darkness of vice and lack of values.


Darío Salas Sommer